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Mu-An. Taiwanese. She/Her. Born in 1989. Based in Taipei. Perpetually single. In an ideal world I would live on another continent at least half of the time yearly.

I have a website that links to other places and shows you things I care deeply about.

I own this domain ( because dating apps are a scam. I don't like the way they force us to present myself. HERE WE MAKE THE RULES.

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I gave up.

What friends had said about me in private

These are quoted without consent.

[redacted] keep forgetting to tell you: Mu-An smells like all the fancy women in London do!!
It's Miraceti from Aēsop.
R: (Redacted):
This was at a wedding I wasn't at. I was told he was very high and very drunk at that moment.
you remain correct as ever
Friend sometimes thinks I am ever so correct on things.
you're a very cool and attractive and smart person so there's no reason why vou shouldn't be able to find someone that you get along with that makes you happy to be around!
Friends being nice.
You are a catch You're v pretty and v smart
I responded with: "You are a friend. Thank you."
R: I would talk to people for you, S: I wish too!!! R: And be like, isn't Mu-An great, S: Lolll, R: Then I'd collect feedback and tell you lots of positive stuff.
I hosted a party I didn't want to go to and my hypewoman couldn't come.
S: I really have no respect for elders. R: You make good decisions
I will also not respect myself when I too become an elder.
R: Why won't you let me be a one trick pony. R: You have a gift Mu-An
At least one.
S: I might just be a spoiled millennial who doesn't want to work. R: She said, launching three websites and running a bakery.
What if… I am just like my mother???
Mu-An this is good lolololol omg 2021/8/20, Mu-An this is all very good! 2021/8/18, Mu-An!! This is good! 2021/8/12, Mu-An that is sexy!!! 2021/8/10, Mu-An this is all very racist!?!? 2021/8/10, And that someone is not you Mu-An haha
I don't know what these were about.
S: I might just be a spoiled millennial who doesn't want to work. R: She said, launching three websites and running a bakery.
Clear communication is all.

Things my friends would say on record

Opinions expressed in this section are solely theirs, and do not express my views or opinions.

Garen J. Torikian:

Mu-An is cool as hell. She’s lived all over the world. She speaks multiple languages. She’s hella smart and has good design sense and can cook and take care of plants. You’d be an idiot for not trying to at least talk to her.

Jessica Lord:

Mu-An is the most excellent human who is smart, cynical but kind, funnier than she thinks, and you’ll never deserve.

Risa Watanabe:

Mu-An is so intelligent and tasteful (this website proves it), and she's freaking lovely. I can't believe she's friends with me. I always get inspired by what Mu-An does. And she's so humble despite developing these cool things! I am so grateful to have the chance to meet her. If you are thinking about reaching out to her at all, do it now. It’d be the best decision.

Kristján Oddsson:

Mu-An's really smart, she cares about people, and she always inspires me to do things, like build cool websites or make pretzels 🥨.

Monica Dinculescu:

Mu-An has an excellent taste in books and music, and she’s the kind of friend that will bake you a Basque Burnt Cheesecake because you’ve never had one before.

Alex Southgate:

There is no one quite like Mu-An. These are words I would use to describe her: prolific, insightful, funny, smart, DESIGN, and queen of emoji. I’m always learning from her and she understands how important it is to seek out the best duck nigiri in Taiwan. What’s not to love?

Eric Hollenberry:

My friendship with Mu-An is almost entirely based on games, but I think that’s where people are sometimes the most authentic. In them, Mu-An makes everyone she plays with better. She creates real community and joy, and it sucks when she's not around.

My singleness thoughts

R: Men are the worse. S: I think you've been harsher on men than I have been. R: Takes one to know one. S: At the end of the day you're not the one who are attracted to men. You know better.
cis men, actually smarter than cis women?
S: Adrian does not have a receding hairline and is 185. R: Ok I do concede taller is always better. R: Adrian did make a film for chinese propaganda so he is dead to me. R: Adrien. S: Oh rip. We don't have to spell his name correctly, as he is dead. S: Good point.
Not having made a Chinese propaganda film preferred.
R: You can always get a boyfriend you're not sure about lol S: I can't even get to the not sure stage, I am too sure, too sure that no one is good R: Right you need to let go of that part haha. Then you can date someone not right for you, how exciting! S: hahahaha someone not right for me to say
At what cost?
S: That's the main reason I used that app specifically though. It's OKCupid, and it asks a lot of questions, so ruling out people is easier. I believe there was a question specifically about Elon Musk. R: Omg S: Like
Boy bye.
Curbside vinyl player with a sign: does not work but could be fun to fix! - captioned: available men
Sorry, no time. Me broken too.
S: i've accepted Im made to be friendzone forever. because I learned how to hang with guys from my brother who inflicted decades of trauma on me. R: : i don't think you're doomed there forever but you need like the right balance of someone that is really forward and takes initiative but also stays respectful, who is also your type. S: yes, also matches my skill level. yeah anyways who cares. not me right now anyways.
So demoroalized.
Wanting a relational sense of happiness is totally legitimate. But we shame both its desire and its lack of achievement. We condemn women who stay single and refuse to settle, but we also condemn women who are honest about how hard it is to have O social support or safety nets.
@aymannadeem, a role model.
This is so stressful. Why can't I just date someone who likes to play video games with me? Why I gotta wear cloth that shows flesh?
I just want to talk nerdy shit, build websites, and play some games.
R: it really isn't romantic at all. S: The most romantic thing is being seen intellectually, justin
y'all got romance wrong, not me.
This is what it's like to be a Asian woman in tech. I don't think it's *fair* to fault any one of my friends, but it does make me question sometimes if I simply have nothing else to offer.
Other than ✨~ my asianess ~✨
 R: i wish there were an ideal solution for US S: my one ideal is 1 never fall for anyone ever again 2 die soon R: i know you will hate hearing this but i want you to find happiness and live a long life thats my ideal for you Imao S: loll respect mv wishes!!!
Leave me alone.
I hate letting men pay for anything and I think it's a fucked up concept that when a woman shows up for a date a man is supposed to pay because her mere presence is a form of payment but highly-sought after women are used to this she's doing people a favor by showing up
We should be equals, FYI.
S: i do think i don't get along with people who have a too positive outlook on life. R: ya then my inituition was right
I also get along better with people who don't like their family members.
S: I decided who the fuck needs love anyways and I should care about nobody lol. R: Noooo! S: I hated myself so much for caring.
I'd prefer to not hate myself, FYI.
R: Lol people won't give clear answers. S: I'm gonna do that from now on wanna hang out? (y/N)
It's a simple yes or no.
S: oh I can't. I have severe commitment issues right now so can only do things when I feel like it
When they are things involving showing up for people… Honesty counts for something?
S: Anyways, occasions pass, I am not sure what I am looking for anymore, and it's not a priority. Sooo let's leave it at that.
Let's leave it at that.